Preventative Maintenance

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How much does your downtime cost you? How important is your production schedule to your customers? Preventative maintenance is not a new concept. A great deal can go wrong if your electrical infrastructure is not adequately maintained. As electrical loads cycle between high and low demand, thermal expansion and contraction may cause connections to loosen. Electrical panels that are never cleaned result in accumulated dust and dirt on those connections making the problem worse.

With an electrical preventative maintenance program, the most common causes of electrical problems can be identified and corrected prior to their failure.

Preventing Electrical Failure

According the institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the failure rate of electrical components is three times higher for systems where preventative maintenance is not performed. This tells us that electrical failures, for the most part, can be avoided.

Our qualified personnel understand the functionality of your equipment, both electrically and mechanically. Our electricians have a thorough knowledge of electrical safety practices and procedures.

  • Thermographic inspection
  • Switchboard inspection and maintenance
  • Power quality analysis
  • Ground testing
  • Motor testing
  • Load monitoring

Sir Raleigh Electric can provide all the necessary preventative maintenance for your electrical systems. Call us today.