In today’s world, a few basic locks won’t cut it in keeping your business, staff and valuables safe if targeted by an intruder.

Intrusion Detection Features

Sir Raleigh Electric works with you to prepare for the unexpected and deter would-be burglars by customizing an intrusion detection security system specifically for your business. Designed around a user-friendly central alarm panel to control all features, your security system can be equipped with these options:

  • Motion detectors – Activates your alarm system and notify authorities if motion or temperature changes are detected within your business
  • Door and window sensors – Triggers alarm upon break-in or tampering attempts through the use of magnetic and glass break sensors
  • Panic alarms – Allows staff to alert authorities with a silent alarm if a security threat arises

Security System Monitoring

Along with these state-of-the-art security features, Sir Raleigh Electric can equip you with around-the-clock monitoring services through a UL-certified center. These facilities are staffed by experienced security professionals who are trained to take proper action in all types of business emergencies.

Contact Sir Raleigh Electric for all your intrusion detection security needs.