Infrared Thermography

IR PictureSir Raleigh Electric’s Service Division utilizes infrared imaging systems with powerful software to provide a fast and effective means of identifying potential problems in electrical and mechanical equipment, refractory, and insulation materials. Understanding that it is critical to uncover serious problems before causing downtime, we track operating conditions and quickly identify changes in performance. We also offer an infrared imaging service that can be included in a service contract or performed as a stand-alone service.

Using a thermal imager on all mechanical, electrical and process equipment reduces emergency repair costs. Performance of routine infrared imaging will identify abnormal cooling and heating of equipment. The sooner damaged equipment is discovered, the less likely a malfunction will create an emergency situation with extensive repair costs.

We can test equipment without disturbing processes, which translates to lower costs, increased productivity and reduced risk for our customers.

Benefits to using an infrared imaging preventive maintenance program include:

  • identifying electronic hot spots
  • discovering faulty terminations in high power electrical circuits
  • identifying overloaded circuit breakers in power panels
  • finding problems in switchgear.

Thermography is also cost and time-effective, offering these advantages:

  • a non-contact, non-destructive means of testing
  • reducing downtime
  • eliminating unnecessary work
  • reducing unnecessary material expenses
  • avoiding catastrophic failures
  • directing maintenance to the root of the problem

Our thermographic services include:

  • annual inspections
  • testing and documentations
  • amp-probing
  • insurance inspections
  • energy conservation

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